Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keep Your Eye on the Kid

by Catherine Brighton

I haven't seen this one, just ran across an older SLJ blurb where it was mentioned, so here's part of the Kirkus review:
"In a short first-person account illustrated with precisely detailed period scenes, Brighton traces Keaton’s childhood in vaudeville and his introduction to the then-nascent art of filmmaking. Even while depicting a speeding locomotive demolishing a house and other renowned movie moments, her art has a formal air that perfectly echoes her central figure’s distracted, expressionless demeanor. "

Get the book.


Melissa said...

I did get a chance to look at this one--the illustrations are fabulous: narrow panels across the top of some of the pages, of passenger trains, because the Keatons were an itinerant performing family; the style of the illustrations themselves reminds me of newspaper comics from that era (like Buster Brown); some of the pictures echo stills from Keaton's famous movies. I was really taken by this one!

Elisabeth said...

I thought this one was really imaginative and full of original concepts. However, Catherine Brighton is British. No Caldecott for her.