Monday, October 6, 2008

Frankenstein Takes the Cake

by Adam Rex

This might not be Adam's year for the Caldecott. However, he is so funny and so talented, I wanted to include this. Plus 'tis the season for a Frankenstein book! Get it here. The rest of the "title" reads : Which is Full of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed as Little Girls and Edgar Allen Poe. The Book We Mean - Not the Cake.

If this sounds good, you'll love his 2006 offering Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich and Other Stories You're Sure to Like Because They're All About Monsters and Some of Them Are Also About Food. You Like Food Don't You? Well, All Right Then. You can get that one here You might also want to check out Adam Rex's website just for fun!


Jill Corrente said...

This is one of those "flying off the shelf" type books that intrigue kids of all ages--a good one for reluctant readers. Thanks for including it, Elisabeth! Going off to visit the website!

Melissa said...

I got both the Frankenstein books and my daughters and I are having a blast spending time with them. What I'm most impressed with is the different styles Adam Rex uses on every page--he's definitely a flexible artist!