Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tadpole Rex

By Kurt Cyrus

Rex is a tiny tadpole who can't wait to grow up and be big like everybody else. Unfortunately for Rex, he lives in a prehistoric swamp . . . and everybody else is a gigantic dinosaur!

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Jill Corrente said...

Here are some reviews of the artwork:

"Cyrus's oversize artwork conveys information spectacularly, beginning with a dramatic wrap-around cover and continuing with interesting perspectives of dinosaurs and the prehistoric environment. Created in scratchboard and then colored digitally, the illustrations are luminous and striking..." School Library Journal

"The swampy greens and hard edges of the digitally colored scratchboard artwork suit the prehistoric period and rough scales of the dinosaurs perfectly, while the varying scale of the illustrations will keep readers on their toes-Cyrus is a master of the extreme close-up." Kirkus Reviews

Jill Corrente said...

I like that you get a sense of time passing in the illustrations. The frog has a trex reflected in his eyes at the end! Very cool.