Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum

by Kate Bernheimer

Once there was a girl who lived in a castle. The castle was inside a museum. When children visited, they’d press against the glass globe in which the castle sat, to glimpse the tiny girl. But when they went home, the girl was lonely. Then one day, she had an idea! What if you hung a picture of yourself inside the castle inside the museum, inside this book? Then you’d able to keep the girl company. Reminiscent of “The Lady of Shalot,” here is an original fairy tale that feels like a dream–haunting, beautiful, and completely unforgettable.

Get the book.

I haven't actually read this one, but it intrigued me when I saw it on a cart to be processed. It appeared intricate and detailed--one for which you would want to have time to study the pictures.


Elisabeth said...

This one is a lovely book. I think the concepts went right over my 5 year old son's head "it was kinda weird!" I, however, was almost moved to tears.

Melissa said...

Bad news! I discovered this author lives in Italy, and so is ineligble for the Caldecott. Rats!

Anonymous said...

The author lives in the US but the illustrator lives in Italy. Some years ago it sounded like the Caldecott was going to expand to allow any book published first in English in the US (i.e. not translated books) to be eligible regardless of where author/illustrator resided, but it doesn't look like that happened. It's too bad, this is one of the best written and illustrated books published in the past 20 years.